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Sping Cleans

Choose anything you want done while we are on the job in your preferred time period.  It's totally up to you.

Spring cleans can be done anytime!

So whenever your home needs a freshen up - we’ll be there to help. With your guidance we can be the extra pair of hands you need. 

A major clean typically taking from 10 man-hours (5 hours x 2 cleaners) to really notice a difference. Prices range from $439.

  • list.png kitchen cupboard/pantry cleanout/tidying
  • list.png oven/rangehood degreasing
  • list.png Pest Treatment (fleas, cockroaches, silverfish)
  • list.png behind furniture and under cushion cleaning
  • list.png window cleaning
  • list.png cleaning of shutters
  • list.png vacuuming/mopping of timber or tiled floors
  • list.png Our spring cleaning services could also include a wide range of cleaning such as general cleaning, re-arranging furniture, magazines.

We carry Public Liability Insurance Cover for your complete peace of mind. Call the people you can trust.

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