Cleaning Tips

We’re careful about using chemicals when cleaning and care for the environment. “Go Green” with these handy tips.

Did you know ....

  • Shower Screens - To clean your shower screens, try a solution of equal parts of vinegar or methylated spirits and water be used. This should assist in the removal of stubborn deposits of limescale. Don’t use harsh abrasives or general purpose cleaning agents with a high bleach content as this can burn the glass. Don’t use any abrasive pads on the power-coated or anodised frame. Just wipe down with a soft cloth.
  • Window Cleaner - Combine 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts warm water. Put into a spray bottle from your local hardware store and fill to the top with water. Spray on surface and rub with an old cloth nappy, lint-free rag. When washing windows, using a micro-fibre cloth. Newspaper also works quite well. For outdoor windows, use a sponge and wash with warm water mixed with a few drops of liquid soap.
  • Diswashing Liquid - Power Add a splash of vinegar directly into your bottle of dishwashing liquid. This will give it a grease-fighting boost!
  • Sticker Removal - Remove stickers, decals and those hard to remove price tags with straight white vinegar.
  • Bathroom Grout - Spray white vinegar full strength on tile and grout. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then use a scrubbing brush (non-abrasive) to brighten grout. Vinegar will also help reduce mildew in your bathroom.
  • Carpet cleaning for pet “accidents” - Pet urine has both acid and alkaline components which should be counteracted by using both vinegar & baking soda. Try this formula for new stains. Remember, to act quickly after an accident. You’ll have a better chance of removing the stain if you attend to it straight away. Try this: 1 cup vinegar, 1 cup water, half cup baking soda. Mix in a spray bottle. Blot accident with dry towels or several paper towels, then spray, blot excess and let the carpet dry. Repeat, if needed, to eliminate odours.
  • Hardwood Floor formula -  You’ll need to add 4 cups brewed tea (use 2-3 teabags to 1 litre of water, 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, 1 large spray bottle. This is a great natural floor-cleaning formula for either real timber or laminate wood floors. The tannins in the tea will enhance the natural shine of your floor. Be careful to use only a damp (or almost dry) mop! It’s essential to not wet your wood floors as you don’t want the timber to swell and warp. Remember not to saturate your mop. Do not use vinegar as the acid content will dull your floor’s shine over time.